For over a decade we've been making businesses competitive with innovative system solutions.
Our mission is to help our clients become more competitive in their business.

Is your managed services company partnership helping you compete in today’s rapidly transforming global economy?

Incorporating core operational business strength with technological advantage is essential to competition and innovation today, at the same time, technology is evolving at an express pace. In this high speed business environment partnering with the right managed services company can help you get closer to your customers, create product and brand extensions, and open the door to new revenue channels.

SQLMaze provides expertise at this connection of business and technology using the following guiding set of principles:

  • Understanding our clients’ competitive advantage
  • Focusing on anticipation and flexibility
  • Reducing time to market
  • Pro viding measured value throughout the process

Is your business running systems that require modernization or rebuilding to get your technology in sync with the rapid changes in your business?

Do you have an outdated client server application that calls for updating to an internet UI, a system that would work more efficiently if migrated to the cloud, or maybe your business is running systems that can be redesigned to improve decision making processes and more effectively reach your clients. Whether your systems could use modernization or rebuilding, SQLMaze provides solutions that enable our clients to drive growth and innovation through the newest technologies and technology strategies.

Clients can rely on SQLMaze for:

  • Mitigate the risk involved in modernizing critical and often complex applications
  • Deliver greater value to the business while lowering operational cost
  • Better enable business strategy through operational optimization and improved client reach

Is an off-the-shelf software application disrupting the potential of your business to adapt and respond to new opportunities?

With business evolution and technology progression an off-the-shelf software application, while at onetime was the cost effective choice that met the business requirements, can now be holding up new business opportunities. When we encounter these circumstances there are often unmet requirements and operationally intensive workarounds in place to complete the new business requirements.

We also find that adding functionality to an off-the-shelf application is as a rule expensive, and you’re often faced with trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. To be competitive today, a business needs systems that are built with the flexibility to optimize operations and rapidly adapt to emerging competitive requirements.

SQLMaze systems are designed to:

  • Take advantage of the rapidly changing technology landscape.
  • Provide solutions that enhance work flow and allow for growth and fluid changes to your business
  • Build value and competitiveness

Do you need to compliment your development team for upcoming or current projects?

Our clients often want to fortify their current development team with a specific expertise or additional senior developers, architects, QA or a combination of some or all. Typically the client has a development group in place but is looking for specific talent or a team for the project at hand.

SQLMaze can help with:

  • Project-specific tasks such as extending expertise with data access management and reporting, third party controls and custom controls, web services and extensions, distributed applications and mobile applications
  • Supplementing your current team with well educated and well trained software developers who have strong commitment to excellence in customer service
  • Clients that need more than an addition of talent to their team, we provide comprehensive teams

Technology Strengths


Microsoft .Net Solutions
We have been developing solutions for Windows-based systems from native Windows API to the most recent .NET framework versions. Our skilled specialists utilize the full power of C++/C#/VB.NET programming languages and a large array of standard and custom .NET libraries in our implementation of desktop-based solutions, web sites, and the creation of web services.
LAMP Based Solutions
Our LAMP development teams are experienced in creating rich applications with most commonly used and proven LAMP technologies taking advantage of Zend Framework and JQuery, ExtJs client side libraries. Building web sites based on open source solutions like Joomla and Wordpress as well as developing custom data management solutions, large databases support and integration with remote services.
Cloud Based Solutions
We have a strong expertise in deploying new and converting existing solutions to cloud systems. We utilize various cloud services including virtual servers, database and application services to develop and deploy high-performance on-demand applications.
Mobile Solutions
As mobile has become a standard part of business solutions particularly in the publishing and social aspects of business applications, we have expertise building native mobile solutions for iOS and Android platforms, as well as HTML5 applications

Back End

One of the strengths our clients have come to depend on us for is our deep experience in developing complex back-end solutions processing large amounts of data and building functional APIs.

Database Systems
As our name suggests RDBMS are certainly a standout competence in our notable areas of expertise. Our backend teams are experts in MS SQL, ORACLE and MYSQL among others. Our extremely proficient engineers are experienced masters in SQL, OLAP, MDX, Reporting Services, Data Replication and Search Optimization.
Web Services
Not only are we have deep experience in API creation but also integration Our web services team are experts deploying WCF, SOAP and REST as well as other transaction processing methods.

Front End

Web Applications
The majority of our Front End work today involves delivering web-based solutions. Depending on our clients’ needs we effectively utilize ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, JSON, XML, XSLT, CSS3 in order to provide smooth and rich (where needed) browser-based experience. We also have a FLEX team with years of experience in highly complex and robust financial markets applications.
Desktop Applications
SQLMaze front end specialists are adept at creating desktop systems with sophisticated UIs, both on the design aspects as well as building out the functionality. In addition we have expertise in multiple 3rd party solutions and can integrate with a long list component libraries of grids, charts, reports, etc. We have extensive integration experience with MS Office, developing Excel Add-Ins, utilizing VSTO as well as installer creation of all kinds (Install Shield, WiX, etc).

Device Handling

Our team has deep experience with integrating various custom hardware devices such as card readers, photo printers, coin acceptors, etc. in projects that vary from multimedia kiosks selling music, photos and mobile content to point of purchase solutions such as ticket sales.

Quality Assurance

SQLMaze’s QA Implementation takes total accountability for not only finding and fixing any defects, but for minimizing the likelihood of them reoccurring. We engage our QA process throughout the entire development lifecycle creating an environment where defects are found and corrected early, it is oriented to “prevention”. This results in greater application stability, improved efficiency and diminished number of errors. All of which contributes to improved quality, decreased cost and increased value.