SQLMaze specializes in making businesses more competitive through the use of technology and technology strategy to help clients get closer to their customers, create product and brand extensions, and open the door to new revenue channels

Over the past ten years we've come to recognize three common ways in which we create value for our clients:
  • A client has an outdated software application that needs to be modernized or rebuilt
  • A client has been relying on an off-the-shelf application that is not meeting all its business objectives and is finding it either very expensive or difficult build upon or work around.
  • A client has a development team in place but could add to some expertise or it may be an entire development team that’s needed.

SQLMaze tailors affordable, performance-enhancing solutions to these generally sought after business opportunities.

Who you work with

With boutique company client-attentiveness, and a talent pool with global reach, SQLMaze’s approach to managed services (outsourcing) and project development is always on target. Team building talent is selected only after clearly understanding where we can best create value and competitiveness. Project Development begins with strong executive management and project managers jointly devising technological solutions that get real results. SQLMaze draws from a team of international talent to ensure around-the-clock efficient and intelligent service delivery from discovery to maintenance, all with the same mission in mind.

Who we work with

SQLMaze brings together a diverse team of deep and intelligent software developers and business analysts. Ours is a company of leading innovators who bring knowhow and domain experience from a wide range of industries. SQLMaze has had successes with diverse clientele across industry groups including pharmaceutical, energy, financial, travel, insurance, business process consulting, manufacturing, data publishing and distributing, billing services, social media and data mining. Our software developers and business analysts have a wide array of domain experience and deep understanding of the uses of technology and technology strategy to create value for our clients.