“Compromise competitive advantage due to software limitations, not acceptable here.”

Mikhail Kuzemchenko

Mikhail Kuzemchenko


  • Living in Parrish, FL
  • Loves: photography, cooking, music & gadgets
  • Influential Book: Apology (Plato)

“Our business relationships are all about win-win; when our clients succeed, so do we.”

Lee Andrews

Lee Andrews


  • Loves: sailing, shooting & bird hunting
  • Influential Book: Atlas Shrugged

“There are a number ways to solve a problem. We pick one but know many.”


Zahar Hilkevich

Vice President & Lead Architect

  • Loves: tennis, chess, teaching & martial arts
  • Influential Book: Doctor Zhivago

“It's not only the destination that counts, but how you get there. With us.”


Slava Kotov

Director of Software Development

  • Loves: tennis, windsurfing & music
  • Influential Book: The Master and Margarita